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Bigg Banks Character Sheet by Antboy
Bigg Banks Character Sheet

When speaking of one the most inspirational "rag to riches" stories, Bigg Banks is one of the first people that come to mind. Growing up in the ghetto, Bigg Banks stayed scheming on a way for a better life. Creating 5 beats a day for 3 summers, he eventually got his first break by producing an album for a major hip hop recording artist. The album went quadruple platinum, which propelled Bigg Banks to stardom.

While Banks was a gifted music producer, he was an even more talented businessman. Somehow always knowing what was hot in the streets and how to market it, Banks decided to drop music production and became a mogul in the hip hop industry by earning over $375M in a 6 year time span.

But success started to become addictive to Banks and he was obsessed with being the best...something he couldn't proclaim as long as he was ranked the #3 richest man in hip-hop. He needed to push the next big thing...

After discovering Swolemayne and seeing how people loved and admired him, Banks came up with a plan to market his brand to the streets. Deciding to invest 50% of his money and coming up with Swolemayne fitness and supplement product lines, while charging "premium" prices, Banks swiftly moved from #3 to #1, and was predicted to become the world's first billionaire in hip-hop. Everything with Swolemayne's name on it was selling like crazy: Swoleade. Swoleatine. Memberships to Swole Fitness Centers.

That was until Blackmayne intervened and realized Banks was not only exploiting Swolemayne, but also the black community -- marketing outrageously overpriced, celebrity superhero endorsed products to them, especially the youth...the ones who really looked up to Swolemayne. Blackmayne ordered Swolemayne to drop his endorsement deal with Banks or leave the Trill League. Swolemayne sided with Blackmayne...

Which didn't sit well with Bigg Banks. After publicly declaring that he would no longer back Banks' 'Swole' product line, sales plummeted and the stock crashed hard. After all the money and time invested was lost, Bigg's financial ranking dropped from #1 to #9

And short $525 Million, this angered Banks like no other. Because of his ego, Banks has decided to take revenge on the Trill League, especially Swolemayne, by ruining their public image like they ruined his.

Faced against a team of super powered humans, the average man would succumb to the daunting task of taking them down, but Banks knows he possess the greatest superpower of them all: Money.

Pop and Lock Character Sheet by Antboy
Pop and Lock Character Sheet

Identical twins Terrell and Tremel were always considered the best dancers in their city. They became famous around the world for their syncopated "popping" techniques, winning many dance competitions. They way the brothers moved in rhythm with each other, it was if they could read each other's mind...

Unknown to them though, they were actually the sons of a human mother and a Jabawakian father (an extraterrestrial race who took refuge on Earth after their planet was destroyed). Because of their mixed blood, this gave them special telepathic and transformation abilities. 

When Terrell "pops" into certain movements (such as aiming a gun or swinging a bat), Tremel can touch his brother at the end of the dance sequence and turn into the actual physical object he is mimicking an interaction with. Their powers are very dependent on rhythm, so if that rhythm were ever thrown off, Tremel would not be able to complete the transformation. 

After discovering their powers, they decided to retire from competing in dance, and became heroes. Taking on the names 'Pop & Lock', Terrell and Tremel have dedicated their lives to fighting evil with the Trill League.

Vanilla Latte Character Sheet by Antboy
Vanilla Latte Character Sheet

Stripper Vanilla Latte has always lived by the motto "Make the money. Don't let it make you". She used to work at The Chocolate Factory (with Baja Blast before she started working for Soul) and quickly became the star attraction of the club. It's rumored that she had once received a $69,000 payout (the highest in stripper history!) during one of her performances from just one patron who is said to have been wearing black shades and a beret. No one can prove it though. 

She eventually grew tired of the stripper life and wanting a bigger piece of the "American Pie", she traded climbing up poles for scaling walls and took up the life of a cat burglar...and has been very successful in her new trade. 

Many times she has been confronted by Blackmayne during her robbery attempts, but for some reason he has never been able to arrest her. She often jokes with Blackmayne when he's on mission with other Trill League members about her and him being more than 'adversaries'. While saving victims from an apartment building fire, Swolemayne, using his super hearing, once heard her say something about "...playing slave and master's wife" to Blackmayne, but with his over-the-top "Pro-Black/Anti-White" philosophy, there can't be any truth to these jokes...



Tony Piper
United States
Crazy year. Crazy amount of projects that I'm on that I can't even show yet. But its all good.
If you're looking for commission work, you can contact me via email at: I haven't fully gotten into the habit of checking my dA account daily for requests, so thats the best way to get to me.

I'm not currently taking on any character commissions until I get prepared for my comic convention tours. I am, however, taking requests for album and mixtape cover art for projects launching after July 2013.
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